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The quality of dialysis water is very important in dialysis procedures. Drinking water can have small amounts of bacteria, metals and chemicals that will not harm most people. However, these impurities are liable to sicken dialysis patients. A city’s water treatment can vary from day to day. If there are heavy rains, there may be more bacteria. If there is line flushing, more metals may come through. Contaminants in the water are related to geographic regions, weather and type of water utilized. There are many areas in which naturally occurring water bacteria can persist and multiply to exceedingly high levels in hemodialysis systems. High bacterial concentration can directly or indirectly affect patients by causing septicemia or endotoxemia. Monthly dialysate and water used to prepare dialysate and reprocess dialyses should be monitored for bacterial and endotoxin contamination.

At Dialysa, we follow all AAMI protocols and our in-house, state of the art equipment is utilized only for the analysis of dialysis related samples (no environmental samples, no cross contamination).

Our package includes

*2-day turnaround time guarantee. Results are reported within 48 hours after samples are received in our lab.
*Free sample pick up
*Free sample containers, coolers, labels, ice packs and customized chain of custody
*24/7 emergency response. Efficient Sample pick up service within shortest possible time after order received by the lab
*Delivery results available electronically, by fax, or by regular mail (your choice).
*Consulting service
*The confidence of doing business with a fully insured, local business

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